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Romance Books

Outlaw Love by Judith Stacy Harlequin Historical Copyright 1997 Shape: Very Good. Kelsey
Rogers had a U.S. Marshal staying at her hotel. And the trouble starts.
Price $2.95

Five Smooth Stones By Ann Fairbairn Bantam Book Published by Crown Publishers Inc
copyright 1966 26th printing 1971? A Novel of Forbidden love. Condition has price sticker on
front cover. G/Very good. Price 7.95

A Rage to Live By John O’Hara Paperback 27th printing 1969? Some dog eared pages. Front
cover damages slightly. Fair to good condition. Price $1.95

The Golden Threshold By Harriette De Jarnette Published by BMI copyright 1981 Condition
Very good.
A wagon train trip and danger lay ahead for Caroline Suffolk and Rand d’Arcy. Price $2.95

Forgotten Husband #1809 Helen Bianchin from Harlequin Presents copyright 1995
Paperback Condition very good. But Elise did not feel married. Nor did she feel pregnant…the
accident had destroyed all memory of the last few months for her… Price $2.95

The Bride in Blue #1811 By Miranda from Harlequin Presents copyright 1995 1st N.
American edition 1996. Paperback. A reading copy only, front cover is tore at the bottom from
binding. Sopihia is getting married but she is not happy about it. She is marrying the brother of
the man she loves.  Price $.50

One Night of Love #1810 Sally Wentworth from Harlequin Presents 1st N American
Publication 1996. Paperback Condition: Very Good. “I am very, very attracted to you, Dyan…
Price $2:95

That Man Callahan! Catherine Spencer from Harlequin Presents 1ST N American Publication
1996 Paperback Condition Very Good. Mike Callahan is sexy, handsome, magnetic-and out to
win at all costs! Isobel Whitelaw is cool, calm…determined to keep Mike Callahan at arms
length!  Price @2.95


The Executioner # 32 Tennessee Smash By Don Pendleton Paperback Publisher: Pinnacle
Books Second printing 1978 Condition Good Mack Bolan slams into Nashville the golden
capital of country music…and a new Mafia headquarters! $2.95


This Sword for Hire! Jefferson Cooper from Paperback Library First printing July 1966
Condition: Front cover is a bit worn, part of the top outer corner is gone. First page has a
name written on it. Page edges look dirty. Price stamped on the cover. Overall condition fair to
good. Adrian was a rogue for sale. It was his way of life – and love! A lowly-born soldier of
fortune in Renaissance Italy in search of riches on the battlefield or in the arms of a woman.
Price $6.95

The Priest Ralph McInerny Avon Books First Avon printing 1974. Condition: covers are worn
and edges wore, some ink worn off and creasing. Back ¼ inch of back cover and pages have
a double impression in them about ¾ inches down from top.. Print is clear but some yellowing
on the tops of pages. Overall: fair to good.  You are the priest. You want to succeed. You want
to serve. You want to love. Price $1.75


Star Trek, Strangers from the Sky by Margaret Wander
Bonanno Paperback Published by Pocket Books New York First printing July 1987. Copyright
1987. Ex library. Cover is worn some bends in it. Pages are slightly bent up on the top corner
overall condition good. Earths first
contact. Price: $3:50  

This is a small listing check back often there many more books to come.
Other things to come also.

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